Mohammed ‘Mo’ Nazam

Mohammed ‘Mo’ Nazam plays Guitar

I met Mo Nazam maybe as long as 15 years ago, as I would see him in clubs playing with other musicians I knew. I couldn’t help but notice that he always had such a friendly disposition and positive outlook and was always playing with the best musicians. Last year I decided it was definitely time to get better acquainted, so I invited him to my Birthday Bash and he came along and played some great guitar – jamming with me and the guests.

On my personal recording projects I rarely work with other guitar players, as I can play as many guitar parts as I need myself. But when I decided to revive my 80’s band, SunPalace, I realised I would need a second guitarist to play at the ‘live’ gigs, and I also thought it would be great to have a different guitarist to work with on new recordings.

Remembering Mo’s great rhythm playing at my birthday party and his tremendous lead guitar playing at so many gigs, I couldn’t think of anyone more ideal for this, so I rang him up, popped the question, and he said he would be delighted to play guitar with SunPalace as he liked this blend of funk with electronic drum machines!

Mo Nazam starting playing the guitar at the age of 15. Since then he has played with some of the most talented musicians and bands in the UK, including The Pasadenas, BBMak, Percy Sledge, The Jazz Warriors, Cream’s legendary lyricist Pete Brown and pop song writing team Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Mohammed Nazam is also a respected music journalist and educator: As a regular contributor to “Guitarist” magazine, he has interviewed many notable players, including George Benson, Pat Metheny, John Scofield and Reb Beach, and has presented video lessons and accompanying transcriptions with Fusion giants Al Di Meola and Mike Stern for “Guitar Techniques”. Mo has also written two songs for the renowned Rockschool curriculum and has presented video lessons on Rockschool grade pieces for “Total Guitar” magazine – the best selling guitar instruction magazine in Europe!

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