The Funky Boys / SunPalace featuring Linda Muriel

I have written several songs and recorded several ‘covers’ with Linda Muriel – who first came to prominence for her work with Incognito and The Brand New Heavies.

Co-written Songs:

“Why I Like Music”

Linda wrote lyrics for an instrumental tune called “Steppin’ Out” that I put together way back in 1984. “Why I Like Music” was inspired by Linda’s enthusiasm for hearing my music!

“Sex It Up”!

The first version features James Reeno’s programmed keyboards and drum machine, lead and rhythm electric guitars by me, with lead and backing vocals by Linda Muriel.

Later, I removed the programmed backing and asked John McKenzie to play bass guitar and Issa Mbaye to play drums:

“Hear My Soul Speak”

Jim Mullen plays the electric lead guitar, I play acoustic guitar, John McKenzie plays bass guitar, Blair Cunningham plays the drums.

‘Cover’ Songs

“Song of Love”

Linda Muriel sings this pop-reggae ‘song wot I wrote’ – my “Song of Love”. I played the guitars with David ‘DaPaul’ Philips on Rhodes piano, Samuel Dubois on steel pans, Winston Blissett on bass and Westley Joseph on drums.

Samuel Dubois plays Steel Pans

“Secret Love”

“Funk on by”