‘DaPaul’ Philips | Mike Collins Songs

David ‘DaPaul’ Philips sings Mike Collins’ Songs

“Party Party”

(Mike Collins)

I wrote this song back in the 80’s!

“This is Love”

(Mike Collins/Jim Mullen)

I wrote the melody and lyrics for “This is Love” to a chord sequence played by Jim Mullen. Damon Butcher plays the piano, Winston Blissett plays the bass guitar and Blair Cunningham plays the drums. I play the cowbell – and the lead guitar from which I developed the vocal melody!:

“These Times”

(Mike Collins/Ernest Ranglin)

I came up with lyrics for my adapted melody of one of Ernest Ranglin’s instrumental tunes, “These Times”. David sang this and played piano. Lyn Dobson played the flute, Otto Williams played the bass and Dylan Howe played the drums:

“Famous Faces”

(Mike Collins/Keith O’Connell/Gee Bello/Jim Hawkins)

David ‘DaPaul’ Philips plays keyboards and sings lead and backing vocals on this recording of a song I co-wrote with Keith O’Connell, Gee Bello and Jim Hawkins way back in 1981.

“No. 1 Girl” 

(Mike Collins/Keith O’Connell/Gee Bello)

I have produced two versions of this song I co-wrote for Light of the World back in 1981, both featuring David on vocals – “No. 1 Girl” Soul-Jazz version and “Number One Girl” Reggae version:

“Number One Girl” – Reggae

(Mike Collins/Keith O’Connell/Gee Bello)

“Hollywood Nights”

(Mike Collins/Keith O’Connell/Gee Bello/Nat Augustin/Jim Hawkins)

I co-wrote this song with Gee and Nat from “Light of the World”, Keith O’Connell and Jim Hawkins:

“As long as we’ve got love) It’s Alright”

(Mike Collins/Adrian Port)

“Why Don’t You Believe”

(Mike Collins/Adrian Port/Steve Jeffries)


(Mike Collins/Adrian Port/Keith O’Connell)

“Don’t Blame Me”

(Mike Collins/Adrian Port/Keith O’Connell)

“Temporary Thing”

(Mike Collins/Adrian Port)

“I’ll Be So Good To You”

(Mike Collins/Adrian Port/Steve Jeffries)

“The History of Man, Take 2”

(Mike Collins/Adrian Port)

“Personal Touch”

(Mike Collins/Steve Jerome)

“Best of Both Worlds”

(Mike Collins/Steve Jerome)


(Mike Collins/Steve Jerome)

“(Don’t think that) I’m Not Man Enough”

(Mike Collins/Winston Sela)

“Quest for Love”

(Mike Collins/Justin Freeman)

“Wherever You Go”

(Mike Collins/Justin Freeman)

“Living in a Changing World”

(Mike Collins/Steve Jeffries)

I co-wrote this song with Steven Jeffries back in 1981. It was one of the first songs I brought to my then-new publisher, Chappell Music, around the end of that year. Quite recently, Chappell returned the copyrights to all my old songs – apart from three that were relatively successful and continue to earn royalties. So I have been re-recording or improving the demos since then. The lyrics to this song, written by Steve Jeffries, seem quite prophetic, with hindsight!