The Funky Boys featuring ‘DaPaul’ Philips

Co-written Songs

The first song I wrote with David is called “Everyday People”:

Here is our second co-written song:

Our third song, “She’s So Entertaining”, was re-recorded by David for his “Soulful Spirit” album. Here is our original version:

Our fourth song, “Until The Next One Comes Around”, uses a chord sequence I wrote back in the 80’s!

‘Cover’ Songs

Our tribute to Prince – “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”

Our tribute to Frankie Beverley & Maze:

A classic Motown song:

I co-wrote this song back in the 80’s with Bill Spencer:

I wrote the melody and lyrics for this next tune to a chord sequence played by Jim Mullen. Damon Butcher plays the piano, Winston Blissett plays the bass guitar and Blair Cunningham plays the drums. I play the cowbell – and the lead guitar from which I developed the vocal melody!:

I came up with lyrics to one of Ernest Ranglin’s tunes – “These Times”. David sang this and played piano. Lyn Dobson played the flute, Otto Williams played the bass and Dylan Howe played the drums:

David ‘DaPaul’ Philips plays keyboards and sings lead and backing vocals on this recording of “Famous Faces” – a song I co-wrote with Keith O’Connell, Gee Bello and Jim Hawkins way back in 1981.

I have produced two versions of this song I co-wrote for Light of the World back in 1981, both featuring David on vocals – “No. 1 Girl” Soul-Jazz version and “Number One Girl” Reggae version:

I co-wrote this song with Gee and Nat from “Light of the World”, Keith O’Connell and Jim Hawkins:

I co-wrote the following songs with Adrian Port:

I co-wrote the next three songs with Steve Jerome:

I co-wrote this song with Winston Sela:

I wrote the following two songs many moons ago with my old friend Justin Freeman:

Living in a Changing World

I co-wrote this song with Steven Jeffries back in 1981. It was one of the first songs I brought to my then-new publisher, Chappell Music, around the end of that year. Quite recently, Chappell returned the copyrights to all my old songs – apart from three that were relatively successful and continue to earn royalties. So I have been re-recording or improving the demos since then. The lyrics to this song, written by Steve Jeffries, seem quite prophetic, with hindsight!