Mike Collins: Lost Tapes 1983-1989

In the summer of 2016, I was rescuing all my old SunPalace 1980’s demo recordings that I had kept in a large cardboard box under my stairs since 1990, and had just licensed these to bbe records. Nicole McKenzie was interested in my 80’s recordings as well, and came to listen to some of the other “lost tapes” from that era – many of which I had completely forgotten about since the day they were recorded! Five tracks stood out for Nicole right away, and she set everything in motion to get these released as soon as possible.

These 5 tracks, forming an an EP album, were released as a 12″ vinyl disc on Nicole’s brand-new Music Inspires Change label in February 2017. Chosen as the first release for the new label, the catalogue number is MIC001 – yay!

The first pressing of 500 copies sold out within the first 2 weeks after its release! Another 500 copies have now been pressed and are available here: http://bit.ly/2uyiDmf

DJ Nicole McKenzie

Nicole McKenzie at work in her radio DJ booth!

MIC Label boss, Nicole McKenzie, organised a Promotional Gig at The Total Refreshment Centre (TRC) venue in Hackney, London on February 16th, 2017.

Billed as “Mike Collins’ SunPalace”, the newly re-formed SunPalace group performed two of the tunes, “Phat Back Beats” and “Steppin’ Out“, together with a selection of tunes from the SunPalace “Raw Movements | Rude Movements” double album released in November 2016. The tickets all sold out to fans, who were mostly in the 25-45 age group, and quite a few disappointed late-comers were turned away at the door!

Side A

A1. Phat Back Beats (5:49)

A2. TR Beats (2:28)

A3. Halfway House (4:58)

Side B

B1. Latino Beats (3:33)

B2. Steppin’ Out (5:39)

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Radio Plays

“Phat Back Beats”

Redlight Radio, Cedric Bardawil,Cedric Bardawil, (Amsterdam) 25.11.16

NTS Radio, Ruf Dug (London) 16.12.16

BBC 6 Music, Jon Hillcock sits in for Gideon Coe, 31.01.17

“Latino Beats”

Worldwide FM, MIC Guest Show 09.01.17

“Halfway House”

BBC 6 Music, Gilles Peterson 18.02.17

Worldwide FM, MIC Guest Show 09.01.17

DJ Reactions

Ruf Dug (Ruf Kutz) – “ It’s Amazing!”

Kalbata (Fortuna) – “Amazing release. A must have 12″

Stuart Leath (Emotional Rescue) – “Loving Latino Beats and Steppin Out”

Mudd (Claremont 56) – “I love this…it’s absolutely killer!”

Max D (Future Times) – “Wooooowwwwwwww, so excited to peep this!”

AYBEE (Deep Blak) – “This sound is often imitated but never duplicated! It puts you right there in the pocket when musicians picked up new machines and made them funk! A Gem”