Chicco ‘Kiko’ Allotta

I was introduced to Chicco Allotta by a mutual friend, drummer Gareth Brown, in November 2017. I was immediately impressed by his soulful and jazzy playing style and invited him to play and record with my SunPalace group. We quickly discovered that we have many common musical interests – from soul music to classical, from rock to jazz! So now we are expecting to collaborate on a wide range of musical projects in times to come: everything from Americana with shades of country and folk, to jazz-funk, Latin, and, of course, commercial pop and dance music!


Sicilian pianist Chicco Allotta is a classically-trained keyboard player, composer and arranger.

From 1995 to 2014 Chicco worked in Italy as a musician, pianist, and lead vocalist in various bands, notably including Charamira (RAI TV Direct Live “Festa del Primo Maggio In Roma”, “ Non chiamatelo Circo“ in 2003); Ottoni Animati (as Pianist and Co-Arranger on the CD “La Marcia Del Sud” in 2009); and with the King Alpha Reggae Collective.

In 2003, Chicco composed, arranged, produced and recorded the album “Adrenalina” for his band Charamira which was released on CD by RWM Records with distribution and promotion by Edel Italia. Later that year, Chicco played keyboards and sang lead vocals with the band at the Concerto del Primo Maggio, Rome for an audience of 500,000 people!

For about six years, from Autumn 2007 until Summer 2013, Chicco also taught Piano and Music Theory  at “ Setticlavio” Academy and at “Ella Fitzgerald” Academy in Italy.

Since moving to London in 2014, Chicco has rapidly become known and respected among both musicians and audiences in the UK – collaborating with many well-known artists and musicians from the vibrant London music scene and performing at various prestigious venues and events around the city.

In 2015, he played at the Brasilian Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square and since then he has been playing and jamming at various venues in London including Oxo Tower, Electric Ballroom in Camden, Blues Kitchen in Camden, the Bassoon Bar, Hootananny in Brixton, the Old Queen’s Head in Islington, and Stage 3 at the Hackney Theatre, with singers and musicians such as James Lawrence, Davide “Shorty” Sciortino, Mete Ege, Cassandra Raffaele, Williams Cumberbache, Deborah De Pasquale, Yolanda Eyama, Anna Scott, Heidi Joubert, Valentina Russo…. and more!