SunPalace Songs

Here is a set of original songs and ‘covers’ of classic tunes by SunPalace, starting with “No. 1 Girl” – a jazzy-funky version of my first song co-written with ‘Light of the World’ that I completed in 2012. This is followed by “Famous Faces”, written that same summer back in 1981.

Although SunPalace started out recording instrumental music, the intention was always there to develop these as songs, and a number of songs were recorded back in the 80’s and early 90’s – see Soundcloud link “SunPalace Songs”.

SunPalace also recorded a couple of ‘cover’ songs back in the late 80’/early 90’s, and has recorded three more recently – see links below.

Original Songs – Studio Productions

“Until The Next One Comes Around” – SunPalace feat. DaPaul

“Party Party” – SunPalace feat. DaPaul

“Don’t Think That) I’m Not Woman Enough” – SunPalace feat. Rouhangeze Baichoo

“The Moment” – SunPalace feat. Rouhangeze Baichoo

“No. 1 Girl” – SunPalace feat. DaPaul

“Famous Faces” – SunPalace feat. DaPaul

Original 80’s Songs – Portastudio Productioms

“Love Letter” – SunPalace feat. Vivienne McKone

“Pictures of You” – SunPalace feat. Mary Carewe

“Stop – Why Don’cha” – SunPalace feat. Sylvia Griffin

“What Am I To Supposed To Do?” – SunPalace feat. Claudia Cuffey

“This Ain’t Love” – SunPalace feat. Claudia Cuffey

“Positive Vibration” – SunPalace feat. Lorna Rowe

80’s/90’s Cover Songs:

“Hangin’ On A String” / “Hangin’ On A String Instrumental” – SunPalace feat. Joanna Kay

“Love Injection (Wet Mix)” / “Love Injection (DryMix)” – SunPalace feat. Daryl Pandy

Recent Cover Songs:

“Joy & Pain” – SunPalace feat. DaPaul

“Too Late To Turn Back Now” – SunPalace feat. Phil Ramocon

“What’s Going On” – SunPalace feat. DaPaul

“The Most Beautiful Girl In The World” – SunPalace feat. DaPaul