The Funky Boys

The Funky Boys make soulful music with great singers and musicians to keep your heart dancing and your feet happy!

Regular members include bass players Winston Blissett and John McKenzie and drummers José Joyette, Westley Joseph and Issa Mbaye – who also plays African percussion, guitar and bass guitar, and sings.

Featured guest vocalists include David ‘DaPaul’ Philips (who also plays some very funky keyboards),  Linda Muriel, and Phil Ramocon.

New members for recordings and gigs planned for 2017 include keyboard wizard Carl Hudson, drummer Geoff Dunn, and guitarist extraordinaire Mo Nazam!

Other guest musicians have included Lyn Dobson, who plays flute and saxes, and Davi Lannes from Brazil, who plays bass, Samuel Dubois who plays steel pans, Jim Mullen who plays jazz guitar, Damon Butcher who plays keyboards, Otto Williams who plays bass, and Blair Cunningham, Graham Dean, Dylan Howe and Westley Joseph who all play drums.

Phil plays piano, Mike plays pedal harp.

Our funky version of the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose hit from the early 70’s. “Too Late To Turn Back Now”, features Phil Ramocon on vocals. Click here to listen to this.

Mike Collins & Phil Ramocon

Mike Collins plays guitar, Phil Ramocon plays Keyboards

Phil Ramocon also plays some tasty piano on this instrumental version of the Isley Brothers hit, “Living for the love of you”. Click here to listen to this.

Phil Ramocon plays Keyboards

Here’s a funky little instrumental piece I put together – “Cool Movements”. I play guitar, percussion and pedal harp on the recording, John McKenzie plays bass guitar and José Joyette plays the totally funky drums! Click here to listen to this.

José Joyette plays Drums

Click here to listen to a ‘smokin’ rhythm track featuring José Joyette on drums and David on keyboards.

And click here to listen to a Motown-esque backing track featuring José on drums, me on bass and guitar and Phil Ramocon on Wurlitzer piano.

Here’s a version of the Bacharach classic, “Walk on By”, featuring vocalist Rouhangeze Baichoo. I play acoustic guitar, Lyn Dobson plays sax, John McKenzie plays bass guitar and José Joyette plays very funky drums! Click here to listen to this.

Davi Lannes plays bass guitar!

When I first got together with Davi Lannes, I asked him to play bass on my version of the Brazilian classic tune, “Berimbau”. Click here to listen to this.

At my birthday party in 2014, Davi Lannes was inspired by singer Rouhangeze Baichoo to play bass guitar on this song I wrote back in the 80’s which Rou had re-recorded with me in 2012. Click here to listen to “Love Letter”.

On Christmas Day, 2014, Davi Lannes came to my place – keen to play some music – so we recorded this version of the Stevie Wonder record, “For Once In My Life”. Click here to listen to this.

Lyn Dobson plays saxes and flute!

This next track, “Move Me No Mountain”, features Lyn Dobson on flute and sax. Inspired by a Jerry Ragavoy production for Dionne Warwick from the mid-70’s, this features me playing guitars, John McKenzie on bass, José Joyette on drums and David ‘DaPaul’ Philips on Steinway and Rhodes pianos. Click here to take a listen.

Winston Blissett & Mike Collins

Here’s my version of Jocelyn Brown’s classic tune, “Somebody Else’s Guy”. This features Rouhangeze Baichoo on vocals, and Lyn Dobson on sax. I play the guitars, Damon Butcher plays the piano, Winston Blissett plays the bass guitar and Graham Dean plays the drums. Click here to listen to this.

Bassist John Michael McKenzie

Here’s a new version of the Stevie Wonder classic, “For Your Love”, featuring John McKenzie on bass and José Joyette on drums. There was no singer around at the time, so I got hold of Stevie’s original vocals and used these for this demo. Click here to listen to the results!

Issa Mbaye plays Khine

I played acoustic guitar and Issa played his African Khine drum on this funky version of the Marvin Gaye classic – “I heard it through the grapevine”. I just happened to have Marvin Gaye’s lead vocals and the backing vocals for the original recording to hand, so I mixed these in as well… I know, it was a bit cheeky, but it’s only a demo!  Click here to listen to this.