About Ndiaga Issa Mbaye

Ndiaga Issa Mbaye – Issa for short – was born a griot in Yoff, Senegal where he was taught how to play traditional drums and the Senegalese musical rhythms “Mbalax” and “Sabar” since his early childhood.

As a young man, Issa played percussion and drumkit in the Senegalese national orchestra for six years. He went on to become a regular member of Youssou Ndour’s band and has played with many other famous Senegalese musicians.

“This man and his music show the true face of traditional Senegalese music”Youssou N’dour

• Ndiaga Issa Mbaye presents ‘Children of the World‘, written, arranged and sung by Ndiadga Issa Mbye; filmed in Yoff, Senegal, by Giselle Winston; edited by Paul Lion Sinclair.

• Ndiaga Issa Mbaye presents ‘Mbeuguel‘ with the Nila Band.

• Ndiaga Issa Mbaye & Pape Diouf remember Youssou N’Dour’s star band recordings for the Jololi label such as ‘Super Etoile De Dakar‘ in this short video clip.

• Senegalese magazine article about Issa written in French.

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