SunPalace & Quadrant 77

Back in November 1983, the U.K. “Passion” label released a very left-field record, titled “RUDE MOVEMENTS”. This record was unlike anything else available at the time of its release (although it had actually been recorded in 1981). When it finally saw the light of day, it was adopted by many top DJ’s around the world, especially Dave Mancuso at NYC’s “LOFT” and Larry Levan at the “PARADISE GARAGE”.

This was a real late-night “sleeper” track: very dreamy, jazzy, and down-tempo. Not a track one would immediately think of as a dancefloor burner, but it’s mellow unique-ness sent clubbers into ecstasies…

Now here we are in 2016 with the FIRST RELEASE from SUN PALACE since the 1980’s: guitarist & producer Mike Collins has teamed up with Quadrant 77 to bring you “SEXX IT UP” – a wonderfully jazzy, George Benson-esqe slab of Nu Disco/Modern Funk!!!

Mike’s guitar is instantly recognisable, making “Sexx it up” a worthy successor to “Rude Movements”. Click here to listen to a snippet!

This vinyl pressing has fantastic sonics and was cut at 45 RPM. Strictly limited to 200 COPIES ONLY!

Pre-order now from DOWNTOWN304.COM to reserve your copy: