Mike Collins plays Fender Stratocaster on SunPalace Recordings

Mike Collins – SunPalace Guitarist

SunPalace came together in 1980 as a duo featuring Mike Collins, guitar, bass and drum machines, and Keith O’Connell, keyboards. In May 1981, two mixes were created that used the same rhythm track, titled “Rude Movements” and “Winning”. These were released as a 12″vinyl single in November 1983 and went on to become a ‘cult’ hit among DJs and dance music fans around the world – especially in New York, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo!

Today (18 Nov, 2016) BBE Records re-released these titles together with two unreleased studio recordings that added drums and other instruments, titled “Movement II” and “Movement III”, as a 4-track 12″ vinyl album titled “Rude Movements”. BBE also released six previously unreleased tracks and demos that were recorded by the duo at various times throughout the 1980s, with the title “Raw Movements”. These are packaged as a double-vinyl album, available from BBE Records, Amazon and other outlets.

All the above tracks, together with three additional previously-unreleased 1980’s recordings, are now available on a CD album, and a further three bonus tracks are available (together with all the above tracks) as digital downloads on iTunes and at other outlets.

You can hear all the tracks on YouTube at the BBE Music page – click here.

Overdubbing in 2016

Four of the tracks on the Raw Movements album were left unfinished back in the mid-80’s and were finally completed early in 2016:

In January 2016 Carl Hudson overdubbed synthesiser parts on “Love Train II” using a Prophet 6.

Carl Hudson plays Prophet 6 Synthesizer

Carl Hudson plays Prophet 6 Synthesizer

In February 2016, John McKenzie played the bass guitar, Carl Hudson played additional Fender Rhodes, MiniMoog and Prophet 6 synthesizers, and Mike Collins played the picking guitar parts on “Coral Reef”.

Mike Collins & John McKenzie

Mike Collins & John McKenzie

Mike added more rhythm and lead guitars and overdubbed Prophet 6 synthesizer solo parts on “Palace Strut” in March 2016 and overdubbed additional guitars  to complete “I Want You” in April 2016.

David Mancuso RIP

Today (Tuesday 15 November 2016) I saw a comment by a US DJ called Kenny Carpenter on Facebook who tells this story about David Mancuso who, sadly, passed away yesterday:

“I would always go to the Loft or The Paradise Garage after my set at Bond’s International and sometimes I would bring a few new songs because David wasn’t the kind of guy that would chase the latest promos.

One morning I arrived with about ten promos and David asked me to arrange the songs in the order that I would play them and after the forth song he played “Rude Movements” by Sun Palace, It was a track that a friend sent me from London.

The audience in the club roared when they heard it and David played it again and again. He ordered a case of 30 copies of the track from Vinylmania Records in NYC and I presume that he gave copies to friends.

So, this (“Rude Movements”) is the track that will always remind me of the great David Mancuso and his wonderful parties. His legacy will be defined by his parties and some of the songs that he played. He will be missed – but surely never forgotten! LOVE SAVES THE DAY!”

David Mancuso – Loft Party DJ & Organiser

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