Lyn Dobson

“I first met Lyn Dobson in 1996 or thereabouts, and we wrote and recorded music as a duo for three or four years between 1999 and 2003. Around that time he moved first to Spain, then to Chania, Crete, where he spent most of the next decade, performing occasionally with local musicians. In 2011 or thereabouts, Lyn moved back to Spain for a year or so, then returned to the UK to live near Lincoln, which is where he has spent most of his time since 2012. Every so often since 2003, whenever his busy schedules have permitted, Lyn has called in to see me and play some sax or flute on whatever recording projects I’ve been working on at the time – watch this space for more info!  – Mike Collins

Lyn Dobson plays Saxophones

Lyn Dobson plays Saxophones

Lyn Dobson is one of the UK’s most talented improvisers who has explored the world of music ranging from Rock to Folk, R & B to Soul, Blues to Jazz, African, Indian… you get the picture.

Lyn’s musical career has spanned 5 decades, starting in the 60’s as a sideman and featured soloist with Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames and Manfred Mann. Lyn played the solo flute choruses on Manfred’s big 60’s hit single, ‘Pretty Flamingo’, for example. Lyn became very much in demand as a session musician on recordings from that time onwards, recording with Humble Pie, The Locomotive, Ray Russell and others.

In 1970 Lyn was particularly busy in the studios, playing on Keef Hartley’s ‘Battle of NW6″, Nick Drake’s “Bryter Later” and John Martyn’s “The Road To Ruin” before hooking up with The Soft Machine to record on three tracks (“Facelift”, “Slightly all the time” and “Moon in June”) for their classic album “Third”. Over the next three years, Lyn recorded albums with Mike D’Abo, Mick Softley and others and made a third album with Keef Hartley – “Little Big Band”.

In 1974, Lyn Dobson recorded his first solo album – “Jam Sandwich”, in between working on “Some Days You Eat The Bear” for Ian Mathews & Southern Comfort. More recordings with Humble Pie, Alan Stivell and Soft Machine saw out the decade, after which Lyn took a break from recording during the 1980’s.

Moving back into recording in the early 90’s, Lyn recorded two albums with the Third Ear Band, “Magic Music” and “Brain Waves”. The year 2000 also saw the release of a Soft Machine ‘best of’ album called “Noisettes” featuring some of the best of Lyn’s work with the band.

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