So who’s in the band?

Well, that very much depends on who is actually AVAILABLE, as all the best musicians are always so highly in demand that on any given date they might be anywhere on the planet other than here!

So SunPalace is (and more or less has to be) a creative, ‘floating’ melting pot into which many of London’s finest musicians are lured while seeking musical excellence, along with a healthy measure of fame and good fortune!

Musical Associates

Guitars: Mike Collins & Mo Nazam
Pedal & Lever Harps: Mike Collins
Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Organ: David ‘DaPaul’ Philips & Carl Hudson
Bass Synthesizer: David ‘DaPaul’ Philips & John McKenzie
Lead Synthesizer: Mike Collins & Carl Hudson
Bass Guitar: John McKenzie or Winston Blissett or Henry Thomas or Davi Lannes (Brazil)
Drums: José Joyette or Westley Joseph or Issa Mbaye (Senegal) or Geoff Dunn or Gareth Brown.
African Hand Percussion: Issa Mbaye (Senegal)

SunPalace ‘Live’ & ‘Electronique’

• ‘Live’ performances will draw on this pool of musicians according to their availability and the circumstances of the venue.
• ‘Electronique’ performances and recordings will use a mixture of drum machines and ‘live’ electronic drums/percussion.