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Raw Movements | Rude Movements - SunPalace - CD

Raw Movements | Rude Movements – SunPalace – CD

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SunPalace CD Album

All these tracks were created by Mike Collins in the decade spanning the years 1980 through till 1990 using classic analogue synthesizers, keyboards and drum-machines, vintage Epiphone and Fender guitars and bass, analogue tape machines, mixers and outboard gear.

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Raw Movements

01. Raw Movements (5:35)

This is the original 8-track demo recording from late 1980 which became the classic track “Rude Movements” when it was re-recorded just a few months later in May 1981 at the state-of-the-art Utopia Studios in London’s Primrose Hill district.

Keith plays Fender Rhodes and Prophet 5 synthesizers. Mike set up the Roland CR78 drum-machine and played Fender Stratocaster guitar and Fender Precision Bass (which, unusually, plays the lead parts in the early sections of the arrangement).

02. What’s The Time (5:53)

This demo was recorded using a 4-track Portastudio around November 1983 just as Rude Movements was being readied for its first release on vinyl via Passion Records. The idea was to have a similar-sounding piece of music that could have been used as a ‘followup’ record if there was sufficient demand. Keith O’Connell played Fender Rhodes, ARP Odyssey and a Roland RS-101 String Ensemble. Mike Collins programmed the TR808 and played his 1967 Epiphone Riviera guitar through a Fender ‘Blackface’ Vibrolux amplifier. A Roland RE-201 Space Echo was also used.

03. I’m Going To Lie Down (5:49)

This recording, dating back to 1982, features Keith O’Connell on Fender Rhodes, John McKenzie on bass guitar, and Mike Collins on Epiphone Riviera guitar and TR808 drum-machine. About a year or so later, Sam Whitham overdubbed the flute.

04. I Want You (5:20)

A hypnotic, trance-like offering, that features Keith O’Connell playing various synthesizers. Mike Collins overdubbed the guitars and programmed the sequenced ARP Odyssey bass line and TR808 drums together with Keith.

05. Palace Strut (4:10)

A solid, insistent SunPalace groove recorded around 1985, Keith O’Connell played Fender Rhodes, rhythm guitar, and MiniMoog synth bass; Mike Collins programmed the TR808 and played the Fender Precision Bass. Mike added more rhythm and lead guitars and overdubbed Prophet 6 synthesizer solo parts in 2016.

06. Love Train II (4:47)

This track is built around Mike’s guitar rhythms and especially the extended guitar riff in the verses that was inspired by an earlier ‘hit’ recording released on EMI Records in 1981 – ‘Ride The Love Train’ by Light of the World, which was produced by Collins & O’Connell. Mike plays guitar and programmed the TR808 and Prophet synthesizer overdubs. Keith plays Fender Rhodes. Carl Hudson overdubbed the Prophet 6 in January 2016.

07. Coral Reef (4:52)

The rhythm track was recorded in 1984 and featured Mike Collins programming TR808, MiniMoog and Odyssey synthesizers with Balis Zhuraitis playing MiniMoog bass and Keith O’Connell playing Fender Rhodes and Juno 2 synthesizer. On this version, completed in 2016, John McKenzie plays bass guitar, Carl Hudson plays additional Fender Rhodes, MiniMoog and Prophet 6 synthesizers, and Mike Collins plays the picking guitar parts.

08. Street Beat (4:41)

Recorded in 1984 or 1985 or thereabouts, this track features Mike Collins playing the lead on MiniMoog synthesizer and playing the picking and rhythm guitars using his Epiphone Riviera. Keith O’Connell plays various synthesizers and the Fender Rhodes that appears later in the arrangement. Influenced by Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”, the sequenced bass is the ARP Odyssey hooked up to the TR808 drum machine that Mike and Keith programmed together.

09. Soul Vibes (5:41)

This track was mostly played by Mike Collins and was recorded in 1989 and 1990. Keith O’Connell programmed the snare samples and played the sampled strings using an Akai S900. Mike Collins played all the keyboards and all the drums and percussion parts using various synthesizers and drum machines, including the Roland D110 and the Yamaha DX5 that was used for the bass and organ parts and the vibraphone solos. MOTU Performer (or possibly Opcode Vision) was used for sequencing the MIDI instruments.

Rude Movements

10. Rude Movements [Re-master] – (7:49)

The timeless ‘cult classic’ track that caught the imagination of the New York DJ pioneers when David Mancuso featured it heavily at ‘The Loft’ happenings, introducing it to the likes of Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and David Morales. Later, Kenny Gonzalez from the Masters at Work remix team put “Rude Movements” at #1 on his list of favourites on the ‘stop and listen 5’ compilation. Over in Europe, top French DJ/Remixer Julien Jabre included “Rude Movements” on his vinyl compilation “The Disco-Tech of Julien Jabre”, In Berlin, âme (a.k.a. Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann), recording artists on Sonar Kollektiv Records, listed this among their favourite classics, and in the UK it appeared on compilations by Ralph Lawson and Chris Brann.

This is an alternative, near-identical, mix from made at the same session as the original 1981 mix.

11. Movement I (Winning) – (6:10)

Although we already had a great mix, we were still only part way through recording the instruments that were planned, and Keith had some vocal ideas also. So we recorded extra synthesizers, a bass guitar at the intro as on the demo, then lead and chorus vocals for a song called “Winning” in place of the lead bass guitar that we had on the demo. Later we scrapped the vocals completely, leaving just the instrumental parts. For me, this became “Movement 1” on this track’s musical journey.

Here is an alternative mix from the same 1981 mixing session as “Winning”, made available now with its complete title, ‘Movement I (Winning)’.

12. Movement II (Reconstruction) – (7:40)

The next step along the way came in 1982 when Tony Beard overdubbed drums, Balis Zhuraitis overdubbed Mini Moog synthesizer bass and Sam Whitham overdubbed flute. Keith and Mike also added more keyboards and guitars into the mix. Keith’s tape-looped “aahs” are mixed into the track in several places, along with triple-tracked ‘live’ handclaps with three or four people clapping, all riding on the rhythmic interplay between the Fender Rhodes and Stratocaster parts…

This was another significant step along the way – a ‘reconstruction’ phase titled “Movement II (Reconstruction)”!

13. Movement III (Completion) – (7:59)

Finally, to complete the musical journey, in 1983 Keith O’Connell overdubbed more keyboards – notably a Wave PPG synthesizer sounding like an uber-funky Clavinet – and John McKenzie played bass guitar. The pedal harp is highly featured in this mix, along with the flute and Keith’s vocal loop.

So at last with a full band of musicians finally recorded, we reached the ‘completion’ phase, titled ‘Movement III (Completion)’!

All tracks Written, Arranged & Produced by Mike Collins.

Recorded at Mike’s Place.

P (in a circle) & © 2016 Mike Collins Music – Licensed to BBE Records

Bonus Tracks for Digital Download

All the CD tracks are available for digital download or streaming together with the following three ‘bonus’ tracks:

14. Hip Hop Drop (3:29)

Influenced by Afrika Bambaata’s “Looking for the perfect beat” and Newcleus’ “Jam On It”, Mike programmed up some funky beats on his TR808 and played these funky bass riffs on his Fender Precision bass guitar. This was recorded late in 1983 or early in 1984.

15. Jumeirah Drive (4:44)

This track, recorded in 1982, features Mike Collins playing his 1966 Epiphone Riviera guitar through a 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp with Balis Zhuraitis on Fender Rhodes. TR808 drums programmed by Mike Collins.

16. The Funkier Worm (Oscar From Hell) (6:03)

This track was recorded in 1987 and features Mike Collins playing all the instruments, using MOTU Performer sequencer, a Roland D110 for the drums and synthesizer parts, and various Yamaha synthesizers including the TX802 and DX7II.

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