SunPalace – ‘Electronique’

Mike Collins @ work on SunPalace recordings in 1988

“SunPalace started out with just two musicians doing lots of overdubbing with drum-machines guitars and synthesisers because there was no money available to pay fees and studio costs to  record drummers, bass players or other band members.

Of course, the distinctive Roland CR78, TR808 and TR707 drum machines, with their relatively simple patterns of beats with accents, actually became an important part of the sound of all my demo recordings back in the 80s.

Having since re-recorded several of these using ‘real’ bass and drums, I realised that some of them just don’t sound as ‘right’ as the originals using drum machines with no bass guitar. The reason is quite simple: we developed all the musical parts to complement each other, leaving no ‘room’ for different bass and drum parts (which typically upset the rhythmical and general musical balance with the other instruments when I tried adding these).

I spent the latter part of 2016 getting all my old drum-machines serviced and upgraded – the TR77, CR78, TR808 and TR606. However, I quickly realised that these venerable 35+ year-old machines were not really ‘road-worthy’ to take out to gigs.  I looked at all the latest gear available and decided to get Roland’s new TR-09 and TR-8 drum machines, and the Cyclone Analogic TT-606 Drum Drone which, between them, should be more than capable of reproducing the original drum beats!

I also bought a Prophet 6 and a Nord Electro 5 keyboard and got all my old 80’s synths serviced and repaired, including my MiniMoog, Roland MKS80 and Yamaha TX816.

Now I am all ready to re-engage with the world of musical synthesis and electronic percussion!”

© 2017 Mike Collins