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“One of the original aims that I had was to expand SunPalace from the original duo format to become a full band with a bass player, a drummer, and various additional featured musicians and vocalists.

Back in the 80’s, just one recording, “Movement III”, reached this stage of development in the recording studios. I also organised two ‘live’ broadcasts on Capital Radio for “Rude Note”, which was the name of the band at that time. The bass player was John McKenzie. Tony Beard played drums on the recording and on one of the broadcasts while Geoff Dunn played drums on the other radio broadcast.”

Click here to go to bbe’s YouTube playlist where you can listen to the tracks released on the 2016 album.

“More recently, bass player John McKenzie and keyboard player Carl Hudson have recorded overdubs on several tracks; José Joyette played drums on some new SunPalace material, and guitarists Mo Nazam and Jim Mullen have added guitar to a couple of tunes. Bassist Henry Thomas has also been working on new material for the project, and Issa Mbaye has been recording African percussion on some of the new material being developed!”


The ‘live’ show repertoire opens up with “Keep it Up”, a jazz-funk instrumental track co-written with Malcolm ‘Molly’ Duncan of the Average White Band in 1984, followed by a cracking version of The Crusaders classic tune “Put It Where You Want It”.

Next up are two SunPalace songs from 1981 that were re-recorded by “Light of the World” and released on EMI records to critical acclaim in 1982 – “Famous Faces” and “No. 1 Girl” (which subsequently became a ‘Rare Groove Classic’ on UK pirate radio stations).

As Mike recalls, “One of the first songs I co-wrote, “No. 1 Girl”, started out on it’s musical journey in my flat in Wood Green in the summer of 1981. I put the basic music together with my keyboard player partner Keith O’Connell. Then we spent a ‘magical’ evening at Gee Bello’s flat in Tottenham at which he came up with the ideas for the lyrics and melody. We demo’ed the song at Rockfield Studios later that year, and Nat Augustin worked on the backing vocals with Gee Bello. When Gee Bello and Nat Augustin (who lived in Black Boy Lane, South Tottenham) got their deal to record as Light of the World with EMI – through my introduction to A & R man Dave Ambrose – they re-recorded this song for their 1982 EMI album with Paul “Tubbs” Williams on bass and BVs.”

“In a more jazzy direction, I wrote vocal melodies and lyrics to instrumental music by two of my favourite guitar players – Jim Mullen and Ernest Ranglin. “This is Love” features David ‘DaPaul’ Philips on vocals and “These Times” features Vivienne McKone. Vivienne McKone also sings the Dionne Warwick classic “Move Me No Mountain” and two songs that we wrote together, “The Way We Found Love” and “Claudelia”.

Vocalist Linda Muriel features on “Why I Like Music” and “Sex It Up”, which we wrote together, and on a SunPalace reggae offering: “Song Of Love”. David ‘DaPaul’ Philips sings a song we co-wrote, “She’s So Entertaining”, and a SunPalace song from the 80’s, “Temporary Thing”. David also sings “Joy & Pain” – our SunPalace tribute to Frankie Beverley & Maze.

Finally, our Senegalese percussionist extraordinaire, Issa Mbaye, sings “Sunshine Day” – the 70’s Osibisa hit, in his Wolof language!” As we say, “Variety is the Spice of Life”!

SunPalace (with Guests) ‘Live’ Repertoire

The whole set lasts for two hours or more.

Set lists for particular gigs will be selected from among the following:

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1/ “Keep It Up” – SunPalace (3:54)

2/ “Put it Where You Want It” – SunPalace (4:47)

3/ “Famous Faces” – Light Of The World (5:42) / “Famous Faces” – SunPalace feat/ David ‘DaPaul’ Philips (5:15)

4/ “No. 1 Girl” – Light of the World (3:48) / “No.1 Girl” – SunPalace feat. David ‘DaPaul’ Philips (7:11)

5/ “This Is Love” – SunPalace feat. David ‘DaPaul’ Philips (2:31) / “Is This Love?” – SunPalace (2:35)

6/ “These Times” – The Funky Boys feat. David ‘DaPaul’ Philips / “These Times” – SunPalace feat. Vivienne McKone (3:08)

7/ “Move Me No Mountain” – SunPalace feat. Vivienne McKone (4:29)

8/ “Here Comes The Sun” – SunPalace  (5:19) / “The Way We Found Love” – SunPalace feat. Vivienne McKone (5:19)

9/ “Ralf Replies” – SunPalace / “Claudelia” – SunPalace feat. Vivienne McKone (5:05)

10/ So Cool (December ’84) – SunPalace (3:53)

11/ “Steppin’ Out – BassMix” – SunPalace “Why I Like Music” – SunPalace feat. Linda Muriel (5:42)

12/ “Joy & Pain” – SunPalace feat. David ‘DaPaul’ Philips (7:30)

13/ “She’s So Entertaining” – SunPalace feat. David ‘DaPaul’ Philips (4:46)

14/ “Sunshine Day” – SunPalace feat. Issa Mbaye (5:23)

15/ “Rude Movements Jazzy Mix” – SunPalace (7:55)

16/ “Blues for BB” – Mike Collins & Jim Mullen (3:37)

17/ “Temporary Thing” – SunPalace feat. David ‘DaPaul’ Philips (4:31)

18/ “Song of Love” – SunPalace feat. Linda Muriel (4:03)

19/ Sex It Up – SunPalace feat. Linda Muriel (6:35)

20/ “Noel Blanc (White Christmas)” – SunPalace (4:42)

21/ “It’s Too Late” – SunPalace (3:52)

22/ “Thy Kingdom Come” – SunPalace (5:59)

23/ “The Late Groove” – SunPalace (3:30) / Too Late to Turn Back Now – SunPalace feat. Phil Ramocon (3:26)

24/ “Love Train II” – SunPalace ‘Live’ (5.00)

25/ “Are you Feeling’ the Funk?”/“Vibin’ with the Boys” – SunPalace

26/ “Cool Movements” – SunPalace – 3:34

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