SunPalace – ‘Live’

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“One of the original aims that I had was to expand SunPalace from the original duo format to become a full band with a bass player, a drummer, and various additional featured musicians and vocalists.

Back in the 80’s, just one recording, “Movement III”, reached this stage of development in the recording studios. I also organised two ‘live’ broadcasts on Capital Radio for “Rude Note”, which was the name of the band at that time. The bass player was John McKenzie. Tony Beard played drums on the recording and on one of the broadcasts while Geoff Dunn played drums on the other radio broadcast.

More recently, in 2016, bass player John McKenzie and keyboard player Carl Hudson recorded overdubs on several tracks; José Joyette played drums on some new SunPalace material and guitarist Mo Nazam added guitar to a couple of tunes. I have also invited Westley Joseph to record drums and Issa Mbaye to record African percussion on some of the new material being developed!”

© 2017 Mike Collins